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The admins of this site, the "Missing: Terry Lynn Tersak" Facebook page and Blog would like to thank those of you that commented on or liked her Facebook page and/or its posts only to be subjected to unyielding threats, harassment and insults from people purporting to be Terry's friends or some sort of "investigator" involved with her case. Real friends and investigators do not need to use coercive methods or threats of violence or sanction. Do not argue with these dangerous people. Report all threats, stalking, harassment, acts of intimidation, or requests to provide false testimony, including those made by persons identifying themselves as police officers, to the Victims and Witnesses section at the Office of the U.S. Attorney nearest to you, including those made by persons identifying themselves as police officers. Tell them to reference missing person case number "MP 12467." Complaints were lodged seeking remedy for these actions that are intended to suborn perjury or intimidate witnesses, disrupt the lives and enterprise of those that can offer opposing testimony, suppress their free speech, and ridicule and vilify these victims.

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